Qualys Announces BrowserCheck Business Edition

Qualys today announced Qualys BrowserCheck Business Edition – a new free service helping organizations identify and fix browser security issues. The service gives IT administrators a clear view of web browser security across their organizations, and allows them to work with users to fix any security issues.

"Secure web browsing is a growing concern for IT security. As employees increasingly access important information and use applications through their web browsers, malicious users are targeting their attacks on security vulnerabilities in out-of-date browsers and their plug-ins. Providing a way for IT administrators to assess browser security across an organization, and tools for users to keep their browsers and browser plug-ins up-to-date can help protect company data from malicious activity," said Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

Qualys BrowserCheck Business Edition:

  • Provides administrators with a unique URL to give to users inside the company
  • Allows users to scan their browsers and plug-ins for security issues and provides clear instructions on how to fix them
  • Helps administrators track the state of browser security in their companies over time

Read the full release or sign up for the new free service.

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