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Announcing the Qualys Customer Portal

Qualys Customer Support now offers a Customer Support Portal, which will be available to most customers before the end of the 2016. The Support Portal can be used to interact with the Customer Support team in multiple ways. It allows customers to create and manage cases, export the entire case history, interact with Qualys Support, and search articles that can help solve issues and educate users on how to use the Qualys product.

View Support Cases
Qualys customers can now view their support cases online via their subscription.

Customer Portal Highlights

  1. Improved triaging and automatic routing of cases to Qualys Technical Support team for faster response and resolution.
  2. Self-service access to cases without the need to contact your Technical Account Manager (TAM). This provides visibility into the case details (status, last update, assigned engineer, etc.) and also helps in reducing duplicate cases.
  3. Self-service by leveraging the Support Knowledgebase which provides technical details on different Qualys products and modules.
  4. Ability for customers to create new cases, update existing cases (add more details and securely attach evidence directly to the case), and close cases.

Qualys Support Highlights

Qualys Support moved to a new CRM system in March 2016. Below are some highlights:

  1. Handled over 41,000 cases by volume from March to November, 2016, averaging 4600 cases per month.
  2. Increased Qualys Support’s case response rate, case closure rate, and case resolution rate, especially on cases opened via the Customer Portal beta when compared to cases received via email.
  3. Almost doubled the number of Support team members in 2016. Hiring continues to be a focus.
  4. Implemented a Follow-the-Sun Support model and continue to enhance our 24×7 Support.

On-Going Improvements and Roadmap

  1. Phase-I: new CRM system (completed in Q1 2016)
  2. Phase-II: the customer portal (what we’re announcing here)
  3. Phase-III: Support Knowledgebase article library (planned for Q1 2017)

For more details, view the Customer Portal detailed walk-through.

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  1. If you do not see the new feature in your account and your subscription is hosted on one of the Qualys Shared Cloud Platforms, please reach out to your Technical Account Manager for assistance.

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