Qualys Cloud Platform 8.21.6 New Features

The upcoming release of the Qualys Cloud Platform (VM, PC), version 8.21.6, will include several new features in Qualys Cloud Platform, Vulnerability Management, and Policy Compliance. 8.21.6 will also add support for multiple technologies in Qualys Policy Compliance.

This release is scheduled to go live across the shared platforms starting November 15, 2019.

Feature Highlights

Qualys Cloud Platform

  • User creation without gender-specific prefix – This release will enable Qualys users to create user accounts without specifying a gender-specific prefix for the username.
  • Updates to Cloud Perimeter Scans – VM and PC users will be able to scan hosts even if the selected connector, platform, or tags do not resolve to any asset, as long as the user provides the manual Load Balancer DNS names.
  • Ability to download the vCenter-ESXi mapping – VM and PC users will be able to download the vCenter mapping list and purge data depending on selected data source type, from the vCenter Mapping list.
  • Support for MAC Address obtained via OCA scans – This release will add support for MAC address values that are obtained through Out-of-Band Configuration Assessment (OCA) scans. The MAC Address of devices will be displayed in “View Details” after command upload.

Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM)

  • Schedule an EC2 Scan with or without Public DNS – An Account Manager or a Unit Manager can schedule a scan on EC2 instances that have Public IP address associated with them, even if they do not have a public DNS.
  • CVSS v3 vector strings in Scan Reports – The scan reports will now display the CVSS3 base and temporal vector strings along with the CVSS2 base and temporal scores are shown.
  • Authenticated Support for Sybase ASE – This release onwards, users can perform authenticated scans for Sybase ASE on Qualys VM.
  • Support for HashiCorp Vaults to DB Auth Records – Support for HashiCorp Vaults will be extended to all database auth records. Users will now be able to configure authentication records for Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Sybase, PostGreSQL, MongoDB, and DB2.

Qualys Policy Compliance (PC)

  • Support for multiple auth records for IBM WAS with the same IP – With this release, users will be able to create and update auth records for multiple instances of IBM WAS on the same host.
  • Extended UDC support – With this release, Qualys PC’s UDC support will be extended to include the following technologies:
    – RHEL8
    – OpenSuse 15.x
    – Oracle 18c and 19c
  • Software Instance support for Apple Safari 11.x/12.x – With this release, Qualys PC will extend support for Apple Safari 11.x and 12.x.
  • Support for Oracle HTTP Server Authentication on Unix and Windows – Users will be able to create an Oracle HTTP Server record to authenticate to an Oracle HTTP Server running on a Unix or Windows host, and scan it for compliance.
  • New Technologies Supported in Compliance Scans for Unix Hosts – This release will add support for 2 new host technologies “Elasticsearch” and “Apache Kafka” in compliance scans for hosts running on Unix platforms.
  • File Content check on Windows agents – Users will now be able to configure a File Content Check control to check the content of a Windows file. This control is supported only for Cloud Agents.

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