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Qualys Cloud Platform 2.41 New Features

This release of the Qualys Cloud Platform version 2.41 includes updates and new features for new Gov clouds in AssetView / CloudView and Web Application Scanning, highlights as follows.

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Qualys Cloud Platform 2.18 New Features

Qualys Cloud Platform release 2.18 includes updates and new features for:

  • Qualys Cloud Platform (Version 2.18.0)
  • AssetView and ThreatPROTECT (Version 2.18.0)
  • Security Assessment Questionnaire (Version 2.3.0)
  • Web Application Scanning (Version 4.12.0)

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Qualys Cloud Platform 2.12 Adds Default Landing Page Setting

A new release of Qualys Cloud Platform version 2.12 is scheduled to be released soon. This release adds the ability to set the default landing page for all modules across the platform.

Change Default Landing Page – You can now set the default home page for modules across the platform within each user’s preferences. Previously, this capability was only available in the VM and PC modules.

The release is scheduled for release in April 2016 to all public platforms. Platform release dates will be published on the Qualys Status page when available.