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Qualys Continuous Monitoring API Update

As part of CM 1.4 release we have exposed the following list of APIs in the system. This will enable seamless integration of Qualys continuous monitoring with existing SIEM solutions such as Arcsight, QRadar, etc. A detailed user guide will be published in the Developer community.

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Qualys Continuous Monitoring 1.4 New Features

Many enterprise customers use Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions to correlate security threat data from different sources, and to create reports for auditing purposes. We’re pleased to introduce the new Continuous Monitoring (CM) API that allows users to directly integrate CM alerts with existing SIEM solution. Use this API to download alerts in CEF format – an industry standard format – and search and get information from your CM account.

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New Alert Filters in Qualys Continuous Monitoring

To combat hackers and thieves who constantly probe your systems and launch automated attacks, you have to know immediately about unexpected changes or new vulnerabilities in your perimeter whenever they appear. The alerts need to be made actionable for you to act better and faster than hackers. The latest release of Qualys Continuous Monitoring now includes several enhancements to make it extremely easy to sort through and prioritize your alerts.

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Qualys BrowserCheck Adds Automatic Daily Scanning and Improved MacOS Support

One of the most important ways to protect your computer from harmful online content or malicious software is to keep your browser updated. Qualys BrowserCheck now offers this protection for Mac OSX 10.6.8 and later. This new release enables BrowserCheck on Macs to go beyond basic JavaScript tests to perform full, deep scans of your browsers and the “plugins” (extensions that applications load into browsers to  add new capabilities). These scans can tell you whether your browsers or plugins are out of date and potentially vulnerable to malicious code that hackers can hide in websites. BrowserCheck makes it easy for you to find out whether new versions of your browsers or the plugins you use are available so that you can download them to protect yourself against the latest threats.

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New QualysGuard Express Lite for Small Businesses

QualysGuard Express Lite is a new version of our cloud service, designed specifically to help small businesses with limited IT budgets and staff secure their systems. It combines the power of the QualysGuard Cloud Platform with a new, step-by-step web browser interface that guides you through scanning for vulnerabilities, generating easy-to-understand reports, prioritizing what to fix first, and simplifying compliance with mandates such as PCI.

Three Qualys Solutions

Express Lite brings three popular Qualys solutions together into one subscription package:

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BrowserCheck Business Edition Adds “No Plugin” Download Option

Network World recently named Qualys BrowserCheck one of the hottest products at the recently concluded RSA conference 2013. BrowserCheck has been widely adopted by individuals and businesses concerned about attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins, especially given trends towards increased remote workers and BYOD. By keeping browsers and their plugins up-to-date with the latest security patches, Qualys BrowserCheck helps secure end-users and keep them safe when they surf the web.

New features in BrowserCheck now make it even easier for IT administrators to continuously monitor user machines remotely and effectively, so that their employees don’t have to worry.

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