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Risk-based Security and the Ideal System: An Interview with Judie Ayoola

An interview with Judie Ayoola, security architect at the Kantar Group, one of the world’s largest market research and consultancy firms and Qualys customer. Paul Fisher went to meet her.

Paul Fisher: How and why did you get into information security as a career?

Judie Ayoola: I accidentally fell into security. I originally trained to be a librarian and, while I loved the job, I found myself increasingly reading the computer books while I was classifying them.  I was intrigued about the workings of computers and while I was pursuing my degree in librarianship, one of the modules I did was on the digital storage of information and digital asset management, which I enjoyed. However this was nothing compared to my awakened interest in computer networking and I thought: ‘Wow this is more interesting than what I was doing’, and toyed with the idea of pursuing a Masters in IT.

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