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eDellRoot SSL Certificate Leaves Dell Endpoints At Risk to MITM Attacks

Dell InspironA number of security researchers recently discovered that Dell laptops come pre-installed with an additional root certificate call eDellRoot. Since the private key is also available on the machine this exposes their customers to the risk of a Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack. In a MITM attack, the attacker sits on the network between server and client and uses the eDellRoot certificate to intercept and manipulate HTTPS connections. This vulnerability leaves anyone using these Dell laptops at risk for sensitive data exposure and even infections with malicious payload, all under the cover of a trusted connection.

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Qualys Named to Cloud Top 500

Cloud Top 500As a cloud pioneer, Qualys has been delivering cloud-based security services for years before anyone even imagined calling it the “cloud”.

That’s why it’s nice to see Qualys honored by “Apps Run the World” in their latest “Cloud Top 500” list of the 500 biggest cloud app vendors in the world. At #223, Qualys is one of the only security service providers to be included, and was recognized for delivering a wide variety of risk management and compliance services for the globally distributed enterprise.

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