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SSL Labs assessment engine v1.0.59 improvements

The latest version of the SSL Labs assessment software (1.0.59) is now online, and it includes the following improvements:

  • Cipher suite preference test, which tells you if servers pay attention to which cipher suites they use (or merely use the first suite offered by a client)
  • Clear cache feature, which clears cache and allows for a quick check-fix-check cycle
  • Detect Strict-Transport-Security header in response, which indicates STS support
  • Session resumption test, which checks for the performance optimization after the initial full handshake
  • TLS version intolerance test, which tests how servers react to not-yet-released versions of TLS
  • Prefix handling changes; this test will now take into account if the tested domain name (with and without prefix) points to a particular server. It will also relax the check for 2nd-level domain names (e.g.,