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Announcing SSL Pulse

Yesterday we announced SSL Pulse, a continuously updated dashboard that is designed to show the state of the SSL ecosystem at a glance. For the details you can head straight to the dashboard, and there is also additional commentary on the TIM blog.

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  1. in the server test suite you should also test if the server is affected by one of the known TLS 1.2 incompatibilities. Affected are for example F5 BigIP customers who didn’t update their Firmware recently. They are no longer reachable by clients using openssl 1.0.1. The problem is not TLS 1.2 of openssl but the bigger client hello packet. The Big-IP loadbalancers just drop TLS connections with a client hello that exceeds a certain size.

    And, HELLO QUALYS … https://community.qualys.com is affected by the same issue, interesting that YOU have not been aware of that already.

    Would be great to see a "big client hello test" being added to http://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/ resp. SSL Pulse.





    • Carl_B, are you asking about a dashboard with public web sites on it, or one that covering only sites internal to your organisation? I am sorry we have no plans for the former, but have been receiving many questions about the latter recently.

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