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Qualys Cloud Platform: Continuity of Service in Response to COVID-19

I would like to share Qualys’ response to the heightening coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and outline the steps we are taking to ensure continuity of service for our customers and also ensure the health and well-being of our employees.

Qualys has a comprehensive business continuity and emergency response plan in place that is regularly updated and reviewed by executive management. We have conducted a detailed risk assessment of the impact of COVID-19 on our employees and business operations, and at this time we believe that we have the necessary processes in place to continue to effectively deliver on all aspects of our business, including product development, operations and support services.
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Qualys Introduces Express Lite for Small Businesses

Qualys today announced Qualys Express Lite, a small business version of our suite of integrated security and compliance solutions. The new cloud offering delivers the full power of the Qualys Cloud Platform to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) so they can better protect themselves against Internet attackers and simplify compliance with PCI and regulatory mandates. Qualys Express Lite is accessible directly from any web browser without buying servers or installing software, making it easy to use and affordable for organizations with limited IT security budgets and expertise.

Small businesses are increasingly facing the threat of Internet attacks. As Symantec recently reported, “the largest growth area for targeted attacks in 2012 was businesses with fewer than 250 employees; 31% of all attacks targeted them” (Symantec Internet Security Threat Report 2013, page 4). That same report also found that thieves are breaking into small businesses in order to “leap frog” into larger companies that may be working with the SMB.

“We’re excited that Qualys Express Lite will make security simple and accessible for our small business customers,” said Doug Davidson, president and CEO for Jacadis. “As a cloud-based service, it’ll be an easy, affordable way to meet vulnerability scanning requirements, as well as provide security and compliance monitoring.”

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