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Implementing the CIS 20 Critical Security Controls: Delving into More Sophisticated Techniques

Corden Pharma needed a standardized security program to meet customer requirements. Link3 Technologies wanted to prioritize its network security improvements. Telenet was looking for a road map to implement its ISO-27000 compliance program.

These three companies — a German pharmaceutical contract manufacturer, an IT services provider in Bangladesh and a large telecom in Belgium — all found the InfoSec clarity and guidance they needed in the Center for Internet Security’s Critical Security Controls (CSCs).

They are among the thousands of organizations that over the years have successfully adopted the CSCs, a set of 20 security best practices that map effectively to most security control frameworks, as well as regulatory and industry mandates.

In this blog series, we’re explaining how Qualys Cloud Platform — a single, integrated, end-to-end platform for discovery, prevention, detection, and response — and its Qualys Cloud Apps can help security teams of any size to broadly and comprehensively adopt the CIS controls.

In our first installment, we discussed how Qualys can help organizations slash 85% of cyber attack risk by adopting the first five of the Center for Internet Security’s 20 Critical Security Controls. Last week, we explained the benefits of building upon that “foundational cyber hygiene” with controls 6 to 10.

Now on version 6.1, the CSCs are described by the CIS as “high-priority, highly effective actions” that offer “specific and actionable ways to thwart the most pervasive attacks.” They’re meant to be a starting point for cyber defense improvement using a prioritized approach.

The CSCs, first published in 2008, help organizations prioritize and deal with “the most important things, which are the ones that stop real world attacks,” John Pescatore, a SANS Institute analyst, said in a recent webcast hosted by Qualys.

In today’s installment of our blog series we’ll discuss controls 11 to 15, as we move into the second half of the list, which contains increasingly more sophisticated techniques. Continue reading …