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February 2014 Patch Tuesday Preview – Update


Microsoft just added two new bulletins to the lineup. Bulletin #1 is now a critical update for Internet Explorer affecting all versions of the browser from IE6 to IE11. Bulletin #2 is a critical vulnerability in Windows affecting XP to Windows 8 and RT. This makes this Patch Tuesday quite a bit more relevant, with now a pretty normal workload.

The remaining bulletins are all renumbered: the old Bulletins #1 becomes #3, #2 becomes #4, and so on.


Today Microsoft announced its line up for next week’s Patch Tuesday. With only five bulletins, it is quite small again for the second time this year with January’s four-bulletin release. Also for the second time, there is no update to Internet Explorer, which we have grown accustomed to seeing in the monthly releases. We definitely expect an update next month in March, at the very least to get the newest browser out in front of the PWN2OWN competition at CanSecWest that is held on March 12-14.

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