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Top 4 Controls for a Secure PC – Part 2

Updating your computer software for security purposes should be a no-brainer, after all we have been working on this issue for the last 10+ years and it should be a solved problem. Nevertheless, many people use their PCs basically as they received it, ignoring patch warnings, thinking it does not apply to them:


(from a recent dialogue that I had on a news/comment site) or believe they have more important things to do:

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Top 4 Controls for a Secure PC – Part 1

At the RSA conference a few weeks ago, we introduced a new free service – the Top 4 Control audit.  This service focuses on how to help computer end users and small- to medium-sized companies implement the top 4 security measures first suggested by the Australian government’s ASD division. In their internal forensics, using the four measures were able to prevent over 85% of the incidents that had occurred in the government agencies that they were responsible for. In the last year, the Top 4 controls have been starting to gain acceptance, with both the SANS Institute and the Council on CyberSecurity supporting their implementation. CSIS’s Jim Lewis gave them a very favorable mention in his 2013 paper “Raising the Bar for Cybersecurity”.

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