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Qualys Cloud Platform 2.14 New Features

A new release of the Qualys Cloud Platform includes several new platform features and also includes new versions of the following modules:

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WAS 4.8 Features Vulnerability Retest Function and Finding Severity Customization

We are pleased to announce Qualys Web Application Scanning 4.8 (WAS) featuring quick and easy vulnerability retest functionality, without having to launch a full scan; and the ability to customize the severity of findings to meet your business needs.

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How to Avoid Account Lockouts When Scanning Web Applications

Organizations that use automated scanners to test the security of their web apps must watch out for instances where these tools may trigger user account lockouts inadvertently.  Here we explain why this occurs and offer some tips for how to prevent this from happening with Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS).

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Protect Your Systems Against SAMSAM and Prove the Value of Cyber Security to Your Organization

By now, security pros everywhere have heard about SAMSAM, the sinister ransomware attack that exploits years-old vulnerabilities in JBoss and has hit hospitals particularly hard. The spread and “success” of SAMSAM shines the spotlight on the well-known infosec problem of prioritizing vulnerability remediation work.

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Qualys Cloud Platform 2.13 New Features

A new release of the Qualys Cloud Platform (AssetView 2.13, Cloud Agent Platform 1.4.4) includes several new features for AssetView and Cloud Agent, and introduces our newest capability to the Qualys product family, ThreatPROTECT.

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Qualys Cloud Agent Client 1.4 Now Available

I’m pleased to announce the general availability of the Qualys Cloud Agent Client version 1.4 for Windows and Linux. This release includes a number of fixes as well as snapshot performance improvements.

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WAS 4.7 Adds Enhanced Support for Redundant Link Checks

We are pleased to announce Qualys Web Application Scanning 4.7 (WAS) featuring new and enhanced support for redundant and customizable link checks.

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Qualys Policy Compliance Notification: Policy Library Update

Qualys’ library of built-in policies makes it easy to comply with commonly adhered to security standards and regulations. Qualys provides a wide range of policies, including many that have been certified by CIS as well as ones based on security guidelines from vendors such as Microsoft and VMware.

In order to keep up with the latest changes in security control requirements and new technologies, Qualys publishes new content to the Policy Library monthly.

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WAS 4.6 Adds Option to Remove Unused Assets from Subscription when Deprovisioning

Previously when deprovisioning an asset in Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) and Web Application Firewall (WAF), we were not able to delete the main asset. This feature has now been added to Qualys WAS and WAF.

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Qualys AssetView To Be Enabled Soon For All Accounts

Last year, Qualys released our powerful new solution, AssetView and began activating the service on request during the initial deployment.

The new search and dashboard features have been very well received, and we are in the final phases of activating the service in most customers’ accounts!  Over the coming weeks we will be enabling this service in your account which will replace the Asset Management module.

No action is required on your part.  Once completed, you will see the AssetView module in your account and you can begin using the ElasticSearch and Dashboards immediately.

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