Q&A with Qualys CEO Philippe Courtot

Qualys, Inc.

Philippe_Courtot.jpgSC Magazine sits down with Philippe Courtot at the 2009 RSA Conference to discuss security. Questions asked:

  • What are the best ways organizations can address compliance and data security issues this year, given the challenging economic climate in which we all find ourselves?
  • What problems or challenges is your company facing in the face of a declining economy and how are you and your executives going to overcome these?
  • According to SC Magazine’s research and many experts in the industry, the information security market may not see as difficult a time in this degraded economy as others since protection of data has become so critical to bottom lines. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Speaking of data protection, we’re still seeing a great many exposures of personal and critical information, the most recent and largest being the Heartland incident. Where do companies keep making the biggest mistakes in protecting their customers' data?
  • As we move through 2009, what will be the biggest threats IT security practitioners will need to be mindful of and what are the ways to best address these?
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