Deploying a Global VM Program at Cisco

Qualys, Inc.

Leading analyst firm EMA profiles how Cisco deployed QualysGuard Vulnerability Management to help secure its global infrastructure. With as many as 30 million IP addresses subnetted into more than 56,000 networks, Cisco needed a scalable, high performance solution. Qualys' software-as-a-service (SaaS) model provided the on-demand scanning and scale of automation required to meet Cisco’s needs.

Case study excerpt: "Cisco has now been a Qualys customer for over five years, in a phased deployment that has continued to expand over that time, even though the initial phase of adoption was virtually instantaneous. 'Because of the SaaS model, we were able to begin using QualysGuard immediately, from day one,' says the vulnerability assessment team lead. The external scanning capability of the QualysGuard service kept this customer from having to purchase and deploy external scanning systems. No infrastructure setup was required, nor was there any need to provision connectivity between internal and external networks just to enable external vulnerability scanning."

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