Qualys Releases BlindElephant as an Open Source Tool for Web Application Fingerprinting

Qualys, Inc.

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Today at Black Hat, Qualys released BlindElephant, a fast, accurate open source web application fingerprinting engine that identifies application and plugin versions via static files. Patrick Thomas, a vulnerability researcher at Qualys and creator of BlindElephant, described the results of large-scale tests using the tool, and discussed how many well-known web applications are running dangerously out of date software.

BlindElephant is an open source tool available now for download from: http://blindelephant.sourceforge.net/.

To download the BlindElephant research paper or get more details, please visit the Qualys Community at: http://community.qualys.com/community/blindelephant.

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