Qualys Named a Finalist in California Game Changer Awards

Qualys, Inc.

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Today GROWCalifornia announced the finalists for its inaugural California Game Changer awards, recognizing leading edge innovation companies in California. GROWCalifornia is a statewide initiative to foster innovation and is operated by Golden Capital Network, a nonprofit corporation. A Game Changers Steering Committee reviewed a pool of over 350 nominees before selecting the finalists. Qualys is honored to be named among the finalists.

"California has always been a global innovation leader and this has fueled our economic competitiveness for many decades," said GoED Director Joel A. Ayala. "The Game Changers Conference gives us the opportunity to recognize and honor a select group of companies who are cementing California's global economic standing by reinventing tomorrow for the rest of the world."  The Game Changer awards are also endorsed by California Congressman John Garamendi, who will honor the winners with special certificates of appreciation for their impact on the California economy. To learn more about, or to register for the Game Changers Fall 2010 conference, visit the conference web site, www.grow-california.com

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