Qualys Publishes “Web Application Scanning for Dummies” Book

Qualys, Inc.

Today at RSA Conference 2011 USA, Qualys announced that it has published a new comprehensive guide on Web Application Scanning (WAS) to help readers understand web application security – including how to quickly find and fix vulnerabilities in web applications.

The book, authored by Qualys security research engineer Mike Shema, outlines the process in five parts:

  • Why Web Security Matters, providing a primer on the importance of web application security.
  • Establishing a Web Application Security Program, presenting a framework of actions you can take to find and fix vulnerabilities in custom web applications.
  • Using Automated Scanning to Test Web Applications. This section provides a guide to choosing and using a scanner to automatically find and prioritize web application vulnerabilities.
  • Introducing QualysGuard WAS, describing the ease and simplicity of using a popular web application scanner from Qualys.
  • Ten Tips for Securing Web Applications. This last section provides a short list of steps to ensure stronger security for custom web applications.

The free comprehensive guide is available at Qualys Booth #1432 at RSA Conference and online at http://www.qualys.com/wasfordummies.

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