Private assessment option added to the SSL server test

Ivan Ristic

Last updated on: October 21, 2021

Everyone I know likes the SSL assessment tool on the SSL Labs web site, but many dislike the fact that their domain name may end up on one of the boards that display recent test history. I am assuming most wouldn’t mind being on the “Recent Best-Rated” one, but you never know before the test how it’s going to turn out.

That’s why we now support the private assessment option. If you tick the checkbox underneath the domain name field, the test results will not be publicly revealed. Not only that, but the results will remain hidden for as long as the results remain cached.

If you intend to send links to hidden assessment results, make sure the URL contains the “hiddenResults=on” bit, which is needed to ensure that a new public test is run after the earlier results expire from the cache.

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  1. the only issue with this option is that "clear cache" on the results page, makes the app also forget the hidden flag and then the results of your server become visible again.

    could this be fixed?

      1. Hi Ivan,

        How long are the test results cached? Also, are the results displayed anywhere other than the recent test history in the board? Is there a way I can ask Qualys to purge the data relating to the sites I own I checked? Looking forward to your response.