New Certified Qualys App for ServiceNow Configuration Management Provides Real Time Visibility of Your Enterprise’s Global IT Infrastructure

Jeff Leggett

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Updated June 10, 2016: It’s a universal security truth, “You can’t secure what you don’t know about.” In the context of an enterprise’s IT infrastructure that means that an enterprise can’t implement and subsequently monitor security controls for assets it doesn’t know exist. This uncertainty can undermine even the most advanced security and compliance programs.

Using ServiceNow for Vulnerability Response – RSA Conference 2016 San Francisco

Many enterprises consider their configuration management database (CMDB) as the authoritative inventory of all their IT assets. However many CMDBs are not up to date either because: 1) the team in charge of the CMDB doesn’t have the resources/time to regularly update it, and/or 2) the discovery tools included with the CMDB, while good enough for collecting an initial inventory, are not intended to be constantly scanning the enterprise for new assets and running services.

At Qualys we empower our customers to scan their global IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities, policy compliance violations and many other issues, and as a result, have refined the art of asset discovery.

Our customers often use our rich analysis data to get a better understanding of what’s going on in their environment, and enhance their overall existing operational infrastructure. And now we’ve made it even easier for customers to do so.

Qualys is pleased to announce a certified version of an application that synchronizes with the ServiceNow® Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The Qualys App for ServiceNow Configuration Management, packaged as Qualys CMDB Sync, automatically synchronizes information about any asset that Qualys discovers into the ServiceNow CMDB.

Thanks to this tight integration between Qualys and ServiceNow, joint customers now have the real-time asset visibility and inventory they need to hunt down security and compliance risks across their networks, apps, clouds, and server environments.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy if you’re presently a joint Qualys-ServiceNow customer.

  • Learn about Qualys CMDB Sync, the app that synchronizes asset information from Qualys into ServiceNow CMDB.
  • View technical resources on the ServiceNow integration page, including trial/purchase of the app and documentation.
  • Ensure you have Qualys API access – Your Qualys account will need to have API access. If your account does not have API access, please contact your Qualys Technical Account Manager to add it.
  • Access the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database – If you don’t presently have access to the ServiceNow CMDB module in your ServiceNow environment, please contact your ServiceNow administrator.

It will only take you a few minutes to install the app into ServiceNow, enter your Qualys credentials and the URL for your Qualys API server platform. Soon you and your fellow ServiceNow users will have full visibility of your enterprise’s global assets within the ServiceNow environment.

Learn more about Qualys and the Qualys Cloud Platform.

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