WAS 4.8 Features Vulnerability Retest Function and Finding Severity Customization

Frank Catucci

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

We are pleased to announce Qualys Web Application Scanning 4.8 (WAS) featuring quick and easy vulnerability retest functionality, without having to launch a full scan; and the ability to customize the severity of findings to meet your business needs.

WAS logoFeature Highlights

  • Vulnerability Retest Functionality
  • Vulnerability Severity Customization for Findings

* Please review attached release notes for all details.

Qualys WAS customers can now quickly retest vulnerability findings individually in WAS without launching another full scan. Within the Detections Tab, “Retest” will launch a scan to test the selected finding. This feature helps support rapid testing for DevOps environments, and also helps make it easier to automate security testing and drive it earlier into the software development lifecycle.

Also, users now have the ability to customize the vulnerability severity of specific detections. This ability now pertains to vulnerability and sensitive content findings reported in their web applications.


Releases are announced 15 days before the deployment date on the Platform Status page.

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