RSA Conference 2017 Highlights: Qualys Cloud Platform Expansions

Robert Dell'Immagine

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Update March 2: Watch videos of customer best practice presentations and Qualys product demonstrations, plus see special guest Kevin Mitnick on How to Be Safe in the Age of Big Brother and Big Data. Recorded live in the Qualys booth.

At RSA Conference USA 2017 in San Francisco, Qualys unveiled major expansions of its Cloud Platform that add new value to the unprecedented 2-second visibility of IT assets that we deliver to customers, and help organizations consolidate control of their security operations into a single-pane, cloud-based dashboard.

Here are the key announcements you should know about:

New Breach Detection Services

Expanding the capabilities of the Qualys Cloud Suite from breach prevention to detection, the new File Integrity Monitoring (FIM) service tracks file change events across global IT systems, delivering users a single-view dashboard from which to detect and identify critical changes, incidents, and audit risks.

Qualys’ new Indicators of Compromise (IOC) service continuously monitors endpoint activity to detect suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of known malware, unknown variants, and threat actor activity on devices both on and off the network.

Both FIM and IOC leverage the same Qualys Cloud Agent that already enables organizations to increase visibility and security while removing point-product agents from their endpoints. Learn more about Qualys Cloud Agent at

Web App Sec Automation

Seamless integration of Web Application Scanning with Web Application Firewall uniquely brings scalable scanning, reduction of false-positives and one-click patching to web apps, including mobile apps and IoT services.

Learn more about this new level of application security automation and integration at

New SIEM & Crowdsourced Testing Integrations

A new Qualys App for IBM’s QRadar Security Intelligence Platform allows joint customers to visualize their IT assets and vulnerabilities in real time, and helps teams produce continuous vulnerability and risk metrics from a data analytics perspective. The app is available for download from the IBM App Exchange.

The new Qualys / Bugcrowd integration allows joint customers a unique ability to share vulnerability data across automated web application scanning and crowdsourced bug bounty programs, helping them increase breadth of security testing and reduce cost.

Global Expansion

Organizations can now more easily comply with global and regional regulations that impact where data resides via Qualys’ three new Secure Operations Centers (SOCs) in the European Union, North America and India.

The IBM Managed Security Services partnership adds Qualys Vulnerability Management, Policy Compliance, Continuous Monitoring and ThreatPROTECT to the global threat monitoring operations of global IBM X-Force Command Centers worldwide.

Industry analyst firm IDC listed Qualys as the market-share leader in the Worldwide Vulnerability Assessment Market

If you were at RSA Conference 2017, we hope you had an engaging and productive week. Take a look at these Facebook and Instagram photos to see some of the people we met in San Francisco. And try a free trial of Qualys’ solutions to enhance your organization’s security and compliance.

Conversations in Qualys booth at RSA Conference 2017
Making friends at RSA Conference 2017 San Francisco
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