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Nick Dlouhy

Last updated on: December 22, 2022

The Qualys Training team is eager to share all of the recent additions to our free training program, as well as provide insight into what is coming in 2019. You can expect to see regular updates as we continue to improve our training offerings!

It is our mission to help Qualys customers and partners become more familiar with the entire portfolio of Qualys Cloud Apps, learn key workflows and adopt best practices. To help guide you, we are creating Learning Paths which take you from fundamentals through advanced topics, and ensure you have a complete foundation in Qualys technology.

Learning Paths

Learning paths are guided sets of training content with certifications that are targeted at key security use cases. Each certified course in a learning path includes hands-on labs and certification exams, which we recommend for most Qualys subscribers. If you already have the fundamentals under your belt and want to learn or review specific topics, these courses are also available as standalone videos in our Video Library.

Vulnerability Management Learning Path

The first learning path is for Vulnerability Management and consists of four courses that build on each other.

1. Vulnerability Management certified training standalone videos
2. Scanning Strategies and Best Practices certified training standalone videos
3. AssetView and Threat Protection certified training standalone videos
4. Reporting Strategies and Best Practices certified training standalone videos

New Content

We’ve recently rolled out some new courses:

Qualys Container Security
Purging Assets in Vulnerability Management

And we’ve rolled out some new individual videos:

What’s Next

  • AssetView and Threat Protection (updated videos and labs)
  • CertView (additional videos)
  • Troubleshooting Scanner Appliance Error Codes (new video series)
  • Unix Authentication (new videos)


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