Qualys Training Update, April 2019

Nick Dlouhy

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

The Qualys Training team has expanded the AssetView & Threat Protection course, and added two new training series: CertView and Troubleshooting Scanner Appliance Error Codes.

These new additions build on last month’s update, when we introduced the new Vulnerability Management learning path, which takes you from the fundamentals through advanced topics, and ensures you have a complete foundation in Qualys technology.

The Qualys Training team brings you these updates to help you learn quickly how to get the most value from your Qualys subscription. Read on for more detail on what’s new this month.

AssetView and Threat Protection Course Update

We’ve completed a major update to the AssetView and Threat Protection course. Some highlights:

  • Videos – We’ve completely rebuilt the videos in the course, upgrading and updating from 6 videos to 20! We think the content is much more consumable.
  • Labs – We’ve added 20% more hands-on labs to this course.

We recommend the self-paced certified training course, so that you get the full benefit of hands-on labs and certification. Or if you’re interested in specific topics, the videos are also available as a standalone library.

New CertView Video Series

Using the talents of Qualys Product Manager and expert Asif Karel, we have a brand new video series on Qualys CertView. You get some background on digital certificates along with many best practices for using Qualys CertView.

New Troubleshooting Scanner Appliance Error Codes Video Series

When deploying new scanners in your environment, you may have questions about an error code you see on the console. Check out the brand new video series to understand how to use these error codes to resolve issues quickly and make the most efficient use of your scanner appliances.

Advanced Vulnerability Management

We’ve also added new individual videos on advanced topics requested by our customers:

What’s coming?

  • A major update to the Vulnerability Management course
  • AWS Golden Pipeline AMI with Qualys
  • Splunk and Qualys introductory video

How are we doing?

We would love your help! What type of training would you like to see in the future? Send us a message at training-feedback@qualys.com.

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