5 Reasons to Attend Qualys Security Conference 2019

Tony Bradley

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Qualys is a leader in cybersecurity and one of the more recognizable and respected names in the industry. It should be. The company has been around for 20 years, and it continues to innovate and push the envelope.

Later this month, Qualys will take over Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for the Qualys Security Conference 2019 (QSC). I realize there are a lot of cybersecurity vendors and an overwhelming number of cybersecurity conferences you could choose to attend, but here are 5 reasons you should seriously consider going to Qualys Security Conference.

  1. Learn about the Future of Qualys Cloud Platform
    This is the main event for Qualys each year. This is where Qualys will introduce new features and capabilities and talk about what you can expect from the roadmap for the year ahead. If you’re already a customer using the Qualys Cloud Platform, or you’re a prospect considering it, this is the place to meet Qualys executives and engineers and learn everything you want to know.
  2. Cybersecurity Training
    Qualys provides a variety of free training sessions for customers on Monday and Tuesday before the official kickoff of the main event. You can learn things like Scanning Strategies and Best Practices, Global IT Asset Inventory and Management, Cloud Agent Deployment, Vulnerability Management API Fundamentals, Web Application Scanning and more. Space is limited, though, so get registered ASAP.
  3. Chat with Qualys Customers
    Hearing from Qualys is great, but what’s more valuable is hearing from Qualys customers. Some of Qualys’ biggest customers—like Ancestry, Caterpillar, Comcast, and General Motors—will be there. You can find out why they chose Qualys, and perhaps pick up some tips and tricks from people who are using the Qualys Cloud Platform in the real world every day.
  4. Keynote from Richard A. Clarke
    Richard A. Clarke, former key advisor on intelligence and counter-terrorism for the Reagan, George H. W. Bush, and Clinton administrations, will present the opening keynote. Clarke is a respected voice who continues to share his expertise through his podcast and a number of books—most recently The Fifth Domain: Defending Our Country, Our Companies, and Ourselves in the Age of Cyber Threats.
  5. The Price Is Right
    You have to figure out how to get yourself to Las Vegas and make your own lodging arrangements—but you can’t beat the cost of attending the event itself. Registration for the Qualys Security Conference is free. That includes the training sessions.

There you go. The clock is ticking. Qualys Security Conference 2019 kicks off in less than three weeks. Get registered, get signed up for the training sessions you want to attend, and start making your travel arrangements.

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