Qualys WAS Unveils New Features in an Upgraded User Interface

Kunal Modasiya

Last updated on: March 29, 2024

Qualys Web Application Scanning (WAS) has been at the forefront of web application and API security innovation, and today, we’re excited to announce a significant leap – the launch of our New User Interface (UI). From improved performance and reliability to cutting-edge technology adoption and enhanced integration capabilities, this upgrade represents our commitment to providing a seamless, secure, and feature-rich experience to our users. The launch of the new UI for Qualys WAS marks a pivotal moment in our journey forward in offering you the most advanced and efficient web application security solutions.

Check Out the Key Features of the New UI

As we delve into the exciting additions that will redefine your interaction with the Qualys WAS platform, we will highlight the array of key features and enhancements that will accompany this migration.

1. Redesigned Home Page

Our revamped home page serves as your command center, offering a comprehensive view of your subscription data and accessible functionalities. The new homepage acts as a gateway to a more intuitive and feature-rich experience.

2. Customizable Dashboard

Tailor your experience with a customizable dashboard. Mix and match widgets from various modules to curate your personalized space, gain holistic insights from data across multiple modules, and create a dashboard that truly reflects your needs.

3. Enhanced QQL Support

Dive deeper with our powerful Qualys Query Language (QQL). Craft complex searches with intricate, flexible queries by combining different fields with logical operators, wildcards, ranges, and grouping for faster, more relevant results.

4. Seamless CSAM/EASM Integration

Integration with Qualys CSAM/EASM streamlines External Attack Surface Management and ensures continuous identification and monitoring of all your digital assets derived from subsidiaries, mergers, or acquisitions. Qualys CSAM users can effortlessly enable web application scanning on critical assets with a comprehensive inventory of web servers.

5. Redefined Risk Prioritization With TruRisk

Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities for remediation with a Qualys TruRisk™ score for each web application. Qualys TruRisk™ introduces a revolutionary approach to prioritizing vulnerabilities, assets, and asset groups based on their actual risk impact on organizations.

6. CISA Known Exploitable Vulnerability Identification

Stay a step ahead of threats with insights into CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities. Our enhanced Web Application Scanning now aids in identifying and assessing the risk associated with CISA Known Exploited Vulnerabilities, enhancing your security posture.

7. Time To Remediate (TTR) Tracking

Measure your security program’s effectiveness with TTR and track your progress in securing web applications. Acknowledging the growing importance of Time To Remediate (TTR), our latest addition incorporates a new parameter to assess vulnerabilities based on TTR.

8. Sitemap Reporting

Gain deeper insights into your web assets with our Web Application Sitemap report with a comprehensive list of scanned pages and links, complete with vulnerabilities detected and sensitive content identification.

9. Plugins Tab

Explore our plugin marketplace with ease. The new Plugins tab offers a one-stop view of third-party tool integrations, supported versions, and configuration steps.

10. Audit Log Integration

Stay informed about all user actions with our integrated audit log, offering a holistic view of login details and module activities, including background processes.

The new interface launch of Qualys WAS is more than just an upgrade – it’s a testament to our commitment to empowering users with a robust, intuitive, and feature-rich platform. Join us on this exciting journey to pave the way for a more seamless, informed, and proactive approach to web application scanning.

Make A Seamless Transition Before June 30, 2024

Effective January 2024, the new interface of Qualys WAS is available to our customers, offering a more advanced, efficient, and user-friendly experience in web application security. Existing users have the opportunity to transition to the new UI any time before June 30, 2024.

We encourage our existing users to take advantage of this period to familiarize themselves with the new interface and enjoy its enhanced features. Please note after June 30, 2024, the legacy WAS UI will be officially deprecated and no longer accessible. This step marks our commitment to providing the most up-to-date and effective security solutions to our valued customers.

Have questions?

Our Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are ready to assist you through this migration process. Reach out to your TAM, who will provide you with personalized support.

Read here how you can benefit from the New UI and what existing users can gain from migrating to the new interface.

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