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As a Titanium Sponsor of Black Hat USA 2022 Qualys will be located front and center in Booth 1320 on the show floor. Stop by and visit us to learn about our latest techniques, best practices, and solutions for risk-based vulnerability management, external attack surface management, automated remediation, and more during this landmark industry event.

Black Hat USA 2022 runs August 10 – 11 at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center in Las Vegas as well as online. Register now to reserve your place for all our sponsored sessions, open to all attendees with the free Business Hall pass.

Join Qualys (booth #1320) at these Events

The Qualys booth will be abuzz with scheduled presentations, demos on-demand, fun giveaways, and even a café where you can rest your tired feet and enjoy a hot beverage.

If you like the band Smash Mouth, you’ll want to join Qualys at the House of Blues Music Hall on Wednesday night at 8PM where the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum rockers will give an exclusive performance. RSVP here.

If you plan to attend the Black Hat USA 2022 virtually, look for our on-demand Black Hat sponsor sessions, videos, and online demos.

Qualys customers, partners, and other interested parties can schedule one-on-one meetings with our sales and executive staff in a quieter atmosphere in our exclusive meeting room at the Delano. Book here.

Whew! There’s so much going on, be sure to bookmark the Qualys at Black Hat USA 2022 website to keep all the details at your fingertips.

Here’s a complete run-down of our sponsored sessions and in-booth presentations at the show (please defer to the event website for the most up-to-date schedule): 

Black Hat USA 2022 Sponsor Sessions

Making External Attack Surface Management the First Step for Reducing Your Cybersecurity Risk

Kunal Modasiya, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Business Hall Theater A
Wednesday, August 10, 10:20AM

As an organization’s digital footprint grows rapidly. So does its attack surface and risk. Many times, unknown assets go unnoticed by an organization and their security teams, but are discovered by attackers and result in successful attacks and breaches. An organization’s attack surface is a hybrid environment of known and unknown assets. In this session, learn how the new external attack surface management capability of the Qualys Cloud Platform delivers continuous visibility into internal as well as external cyber assets from an attacker’s view.

Elevating Vulnerability Management Programs with Business & Security Risk Context

Mehul Revankar, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Virtual Session available on demand

Prioritizing your most tempting vulnerabilities is critical to head off attacks—but how? In today’s hybrid infrastructure, understanding your risks calls for in-depth understanding of targeted assets, their vulnerabilities, and associated threats. In this session, you’ll learn about a new integrated approach from Qualys to discover assets, find and prioritize vulnerabilities based on your risk profile, and deliver closed-loop integration from a single platform.

Rapid Response – Getting Under the Attack Envelope

Mehul Revankar, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Virtual Session available on demand

Disclosed vulnerabilities have doubled over the last five years, and they’re being weaponized faster than ever. To keep one step ahead of attackers, shorthanded security teams must remediate faster and more efficiently than ever. In this session, you’ll learn about four techniques to accelerate threat response and prevent possible exploitation: prioritizing your vulnerabilities, leveraging rule-based integrations between Vulnerability Management (VM) and ITSM tools, automating operational workflows, and using integrated patch management.

Tools for Creating & Learning from CTW Writeups

Ankur Tyagi, Principal Engineer, Qualys
Def Con Virtual Session available on demand

Writeups for CTF challenges and machines are a critical learning resource for our community. For the author, it presents an opportunity to document their methodology, tips/tricks, and progress. For the audience, it serves as reference material. Often authors switch roles and become the audience to learn from their own work. This demo showcases two tools – svachal and machinescli – developed with these insights. These work in conjunction to help users curate their learning in .yml structured files, find insights, and query this knowledge base as and when needed.

Theater Presentations at Qualys Booth #1320

Qualys Customer Presentations

Wednesday, August 10, 11:00AM (Financial Services) and 1:40PM (Healthcare)
Thursday, August 11, 10:20AM (Healthcare) and 11:40AM (Financial Services)

We are pleased to feature two Qualys customers speaking on their successful journeys using Qualys Cloud Platform in our booth during the show, one from the financial services industry and the other from healthcare.

Cloud Innovators: The Qualys Cloud Platform

Kunal Modasiya, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 5:00PM
Thursday, August 11, 1:00PM

With over 8 trillion data points indexed, 2 trillion security events logged, and 6 billion IP scans completed each year, the Qualys Cloud Platform is one of the most powerful, elastic, and scalable cloud-based solutions in the industry today. Join us as we showcase how the Qualys Cloud Platform provides always-on security and continuous 2-second visibility to IT, OT, and IoT environments across the globe.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management with Qualys TruRisk™

Mehul Revankar, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 2:20PM
Thursday, August 11, 12:20PM

Qualys has revolutionized vulnerability management before, and we’re doing it again with a risk-based approach to vulnerability management. VMDR 2.0 is an integrated solution with enterprise-grade endpoint detection and response capabilities, delivered and managed from a single dashboard. Unmatched granular scanning is just the beginning—join us for a hands-on look at why VMDR 2.0 with TruRisk is leading the way when it comes to enterprise-grade, risk-based vulnerability management.

Better Together: Qualys VMDR 2.0 + Qualys Multi-Vector EDR

Thomas Nuth, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 12:20PM
Thursday, August 11, 1:40PM

Exploits have doubled in the last year, and they’re becoming weaponized in as little as 48 hours. Manual, siloed methods for locating and inspecting assets on your network, clouds, and endpoints just aren’t fast enough—modern organizations need their vulnerability management and endpoint protection solutions to work together. Join Qualys as we share how Multi-Vector EDR and VMDR 2.0 provide unparalleled threat protection and unified vulnerability management with one agent and one dashboard from one vendor.

Bridge the IT/Security Gap with Qualys VMDR, ITSM Integration & Qualys Flow

Mehul Revankar, VP of Product Management, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 1:00PM
Thursday, August 11, 2:20PM

As exploit weaponization has accelerated, your response time can mean the difference between a business that’s up and running and one that’s offline for days. In this session, you’ll learn how Qualys helps security and IT leaders collaborate to remediate threats fast with Qualys Flow no-code automation and VMDR integrations with ServiceNow ITSM.

Reduce the Risk of Your External Attack Surface

Pablo Quiroga, Director of Product Management, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 10:20AM and 3:40PM
Thursday, August 11, 11:00AM

At Black Hat USA 2022, Qualys is unveiling an extension to our Cybersecurity Asset Management solution to include External Attack Surface Management (EASM). This new capability provides security and IT operations teams with a continuous, 360-degree view of all their known and unknown Internet exposed assets and their associated risk. Join us to learn how the native integration of EASM into the Qualys Cloud Platform helps you proactively reduce exposure by quantifying risk across vulnerabilities, assets, and environments.

EDR is Dead – Introducing Qualys Multi-Vector EDR

Hiep Dang, VP of Endpoint Security Solutions, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 3:00PM

Many security leaders think that EDR is a dying technology. In fact, it’s evolving. In this session, you’ll learn how Qualys Multi-Vector EDR lets security practitioners achieve advanced endpoint threat protection, improved threat context, and alert prioritization at a lower total cost of ownership compared to traditional EDR with a single agent.

Software Composition Analysis & Software Bill of Materials

Kong Yew Chan, Director of Product Management, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 4:20PM
Thursday, August 11, 3:00PM

Security vulnerabilities in Log4j and Spring4Shell, a nightmare for many practitioners, were found in widely used, highly popular open-source software (OSS) packages. Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) technologies can play a critical role in identifying such vulnerabilities. Join us to learn how SCA and SBOM technologies work, how they’re interrelated, and how Qualys leverages them to provide detection of vulnerabilities in OSS software.

Shift Left with Web Application Scanning: Empower DevOps Security Testing

John Delaroderie, Director of Product Management for Web Application Security, Qualys
Wednesday, August 10, 11:40AM
Thursday, August 11, 3:40PM

The need to identify all web app and API vulnerabilities for both external and internal-facing environments is pushing SecOps and DevOps to collaborate more closely than ever. Qualys Web Application Scanner empowers security and development leaders with runtime vulnerability detection for web apps and APIs, advanced malware detection, and maximum visibility so they can work together better and faster. Join us for this session to learn what makes Qualys WAS the most comprehensive and flexible solution for web app and API vulnerability testing available.

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