Patch Tuesday Bottomline – June 2009

Wolfgang Kandek

Last updated on: October 27, 2022

June’s Patch Tuesday is generating major workload for IT administrators. Microsoft released their biggest number of patches in recent memory, not only for Windows systems, but also for their Mac Office suite. Adobe has patches for their Reader product for Windows, Mac and Unixesand Apple released a production version of Safari 4 for Mac OS X and Windows.

Microsoft’s 10 bulletins patch a total of 31 vulnerabilities, extending to almost all of their products on both servers and workstations. Most urgent on the server side are MS09-018 for the Active Directory vulnerabilities and MS09-020 for the IIS/WebDAV vulnerabilities, as both are categorized as critical and have the highest rating (Consistent exploit code likely) in the Microsoft exploitability index. MS09-022 – Windows Print Spooler is rated critical as well, affects both servers and workstations and so has a higher exposure potential than the other server based vulnerabilities. MS09-25 brings 4 updates for the Windows base operating system kernels and even the new Vista and 2008 versions are affected by 3 of them.

On the workstation side, beyond MS09-022 and MS09-025 we have the updates for Internet Explorer, Word, Excel and Windows Search. MS09-019 has patches for 8 IE vulnerabilities for all versions from IE5 to IE8 – however it is interesting to note that IE8 is only affected by a single vulnerability, which was recently disclosed at the CanSecWest conference in the Pwn2Own contest sponsored by TippingPoint’s ZDI.

As expected we did not see a patch for DirectShow vulnerability, acknowledged by Microsoft 10 days ago in KB971778. While they have the patch it is still undergoing Quality Assurance and Stability testing. For Macintosh users, Microsoft provided the patch for last month’s disclosed vulnerabilities – MS09-017 for PowerPoint. Both users of Office 2004 and Office 2008 are advised to upgrade to fix a Remote Code execution issue.

As Adobe had announced previously they also published their quarterly patches this 2nd Tuesday of the month. Currently we see that a patch has been released, but there is no further detail available as to the vulnerabilities covered.

Update: The Adobe advisory is out and it shows a total of 14 vulnerabilities. The patch covers Adobe Reader on Windows and Macintosh. Unix users will have to wait until June 16th to get their fixes.


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