SANS, Qualys and TippingPoint: Top Cyber Security Risks

Wolfgang Kandek

Last updated on: September 7, 2020

The SANS Institute just published the Top Cyber Security Risks Report for the first half of 2009. In this report TippingPoint, SANS and Qualys collaborated using attack, vulnerability and forensics data to provide the latest trends in the security field.

Enterprise IT administrators and tech savvy computer end users alike will find interesting information that will help them secure their computers against current threats in the typical software installed on their machines, such as Adobe Reader and Flash, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft Office and Sun Java. The report clearly demonstrates a lag in installing security patches to these productivity applications, despite the attention they get in the press and from the security community. Since all of them are widely installed in businesses, we advise organizations to treat them with the same attention as OS and network vulnerabilities patches and to include them in their regular patching process.

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