Advanced Persistent Threats Experts Video

Robert Dell'Immagine

Last updated on: September 6, 2020


Brian Krebs, Journalist



Wolfgang Kandek, CTO, Qualys

Rodrigo Branco, Researcher, Qualys

Rich Mogull, Analyst & CEO, SECUROSIS

Gunter Ollman, CTO, Damballa

Andy Bonillo, Principal, Investigative Response, Verizon



September 29, 2011 at Qualys Security Conference 2011 San Francisco


Topics include:

  • What is APT?
  • What makes APTs successful when they’re successful?
  • Are so-called APTs executed via vulnerabilities that should have been patched?
  • Good system administration is the baseline defense.
  • How does any organization protect itself against the most sophisticated attacks?
  • Do organizations have the ability to know how long they have been pwned?
  • TCP: total cost of pwnage.
  • Dynamics of the APT ecosystem.
  • Best practices for securing systems.
  • What happens when organizations fail to detect APTs?
  • What can we do to make things better?
  • Are you hopeful the community will share information?
  • Q&A: What should we look for in log files?
  • Q&A: What is opinion on virtual patching?
  • Q&A: What is impact of increase in mobile devices?



58 minutes, 32 seconds

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