Reminder – DNS Changer Deadline Looming

Wolfgang Kandek

Last updated on: September 7, 2020

We blogged about the DNS Changer malware in January, but there are only a couple of days left until July 9th, when the DNS Changer Working Group will stop operating the DNS servers used by the DNS Change malware. According to the latest stats there are still 300,000 machines infected. These machines will lose Internet access once the servers are shut down.

I know that you as professionals and readers of this blog are most likely not in the affected group, but you are probably the IT resource for many of your friends and relatives, so please remind them one more time that BrowserCheck is an easy way to find out whether one is infected. In case of infection have them head over to the Fix page of DNS Changer Working Group. Please make sure that they turn on "System Checks" as the DNS Changer Malware detection is grouped with the other system level checks, such as AV, Updates and Firewalls.

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