November Patch Tuesday: 53 Vulnerabilities and a Massive Adobe Update

Gill Langston

Last updated on: October 27, 2022

This November Patch Tuesday is moderate in volume and severity.  Microsoft released patches to address 53 unique vulnerabilities, with 25 focused on Remote Code Execution fixes. Windows OS receives 14 patches, while the lion’s share is focused on Browsers, Microsoft Office, and Adobe. According to Microsoft, there do not appear to be any actively attacked vulnerabilities in the wild in this patch release.

Interestingly enough, none of the Windows OS patches are listed as Critical this month, but we do recommend focusing on CVE-2017-11830 and CVE-2017-11847, as they address a Security Feature Bypass, and a Privilege Elevation respectively.

It should also be noted that CVE-2017-11848, CVE-2017-11827, CVE-2017-11883, CVE-2017-8700 have public exploits, but they do not appear to be used in any active campaigns.

From a prioritization standpoint, focus on the fixes for CVE-2017-11836, CVE-2017-11837, CVE-2017-11838, CVE-2017-11839, CVE-2017-11871, and CVE-2017-11873, which all address the Scripting Engine in Edge and Internet Explorer, especially on laptops, and other workstation-type systems where the logged in user may have administrative privileges. Microsoft lists exploitation as More Likely for these vulnerabilities, especially if a user is tricked into viewing a malicious site or opening an attachment.

While Microsoft lists the fix for CVE-2017-11882 as Important, there may be POC code for this vulnerability, so it is recommended that you give the Office updates attention this month as well.

It should also be noted that last Patch Tuesday, Microsoft quietly released the fix for CVE-2017-13080, widely known as the KRACK vulnerability in WPA2 wireless protocol, but did not make it known until a week later, when the vulnerability was publicly disclosed. Therefore, it is recommended you ensure last month’s security patches are fully addressed. Alternatively, you can install this month’s Monthly Rollups, as they should include this fix.

Adobe has also released patches for 9 advisories, fixing a stunning 62 CVEs for Acrobat and Reader alone, so ensure that you are updating Adobe across your environment to stay protected.

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  1. These patches have broken 4 computers so far, enabling Adobe and crippling software that relies on it, like our accounting system. We’ve had to revert every computer that has had the update so far.