BrowserCheck Business Edition Adds “No Plugin” Download Option

Kiran Kumar

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

Network World recently named Qualys BrowserCheck one of the hottest products at the recently concluded RSA conference 2013. BrowserCheck has been widely adopted by individuals and businesses concerned about attacks that exploit vulnerabilities in browsers and their plugins, especially given trends towards increased remote workers and BYOD. By keeping browsers and their plugins up-to-date with the latest security patches, Qualys BrowserCheck helps secure end-users and keep them safe when they surf the web.

New features in BrowserCheck now make it even easier for IT administrators to continuously monitor user machines remotely and effectively, so that their employees don’t have to worry.

  1. Silent MSI Deployment of BrowserCheck: Admins now have an option to download the MSdeploy it to users’ PCs through software-deployment tools such as Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM). The MSI executable adds a small extension to the IE, Chrome and Firefox web browsers that performs the BrowserCheck scans and communicates securely with the BrowserCheck web console.
  2. Directly Scan via a URL – No Plugin Download Option: Downloading the BrowserCheck plugin is no longer a requirement to scan your system. For Windows-based desktops/laptops, IT admins can copy and paste a unique URL and send it to all their users as part of the invitation within the management console. The results of each scan are securely transmitted to the BrowserCheck web console for analysis and archiving. This feature lets IT admins see the current status of each computer and examine specific scans to see how a particular machine has changed over time.
  3. Option to Embed BrowserCheck within your Domain: Admins can embed BrowserCheck code within their organizations domain pages to make it easier for their employees to access it.  This feature is currently in limited BETA, please  contact us if you would like to participate and provide your feedback. Here’s how embedding works:
    • Include the Javascript reference and set variables to embed Qualys BrowserCheck Scan into your web page within your domain
    • Track end-users BrowserCheck results within the BrowserCheck Business Edition by logging into your account
    • Use the callback to get results into your JavaScript function to implement
          – Access Control
          – Custom application
          – Custom UI
          – Default Qualys provided UI (below) with Fix It buttons
  4. embed

  5. Recurring Scan Notifications in Background: Scan notifications can now be suppressed so that no alerts are displayed to the user. This setting can be easily customizable per your organization policy or convenience, and is helpful for organizations where users don’t have permissions to update their browsers.

Qualys BrowserCheck and BrowserCheck Business Edition remain the only tools to provide end-to-end automation for continuously monitoring which browsers, plugins, security settings and OS updates are present on user’s computers, and to enable IT admins and users to update them for safer we browsing.

We encourage you to try this essential and easy-to-use security tool:

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