New QualysGuard Express Lite for Small Businesses

Kiran Kumar

Last updated on: September 6, 2020

QualysGuard Express Lite is a new version of our cloud service, designed specifically to help small businesses with limited IT budgets and staff secure their systems. It combines the power of the QualysGuard Cloud Platform with a new, step-by-step web browser interface that guides you through scanning for vulnerabilities, generating easy-to-understand reports, prioritizing what to fix first, and simplifying compliance with mandates such as PCI.

Three Qualys Solutions

Express Lite brings three popular Qualys solutions together into one subscription package:

  • Vulnerability Management (VM) – QualysGuard VM checks your servers, computers and other devices for vulnerabilities and helps you download patches needed to fix them. It keeps track of the security problems it finds for each system, and provides graphical reports that tell you which patches to use on which systems so that you can get the most improvement in security for the least effort.
  • Web Application Scanning (WAS) – QualysGuard WAS examines your web sites, forms and applications for security vulnerabilities that attackers could abuse to take control of your servers and steal data. It provides recommendations for how to fix each issue and even hunts for malicious code lurking in your website that could infect visitors and damage your business’s reputation.
  • PCI Compliance automation (PCI) – QualysGuard PCI scans your servers and computers for vulnerabilities, administers Payment Card Industry self-assessment questionnaires, and when you’re ready automatically submits the results to acquiring banks online. Qualys is an Approved Scanning Vendor, making PCI certification simple.

As always with QualysGuard,there are no servers to set up, no software to install or keep updated, and no databases to maintain. You simply log into Express Lite from your web browser,no matter where you are.

Secure Your Internet Perimeter and Your Company Network

QualysGuard Express Lite Scorecard Report As a cloud service, Express Lite lets you immediately check the security of your Internet-exposed "perimeter" systems, such as websites, web apps and other servers that hackers often target. It also makes it easy for you to scan computers and other devices located inside your company’s firewall. Together, Express Lite gives you a consistent way to improve security and simplify compliance throughout your network.

Scan Easily, Deeply and Accurately

In Express Lite, you can launch scans immediately. Or, you can schedule recurring scans to happen automatically whenever you want (such as in the middle of the night) and set up deep scans that securely log into your systems to search for vulnerabilities that can hide from other network scans. QualysGuard Express Lite Scorecard Report

Express Lite’s scans are highly accurate. The QualysGuard Cloud Platform is known for its "Six Sigma" quality, enabling it to tell what you need to know without flooding you with excess information.

Understand Your Security with Graphical Reports

QualysGuard Express Lite Dashboard

Express Lite collects the results of each scan into concise dashboards that provide an immediate understanding of your overall security. Details for any issue are just a click away in informative, easy-to-understand reports.

Available in July with a Free 14-Day Trial

QualysGuard Express Lite will be available in July. You can try it free for 14 days. We look forward to hearing what you think about it.

QualysGuard Express Lite Scans
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