Staying Five Steps Ahead of Cyber Risk

Palmer Wallace

Organizations are continuously seeking effective strategies to protect their digital environments. With over 26,000 vulnerabilities discovered last year, Qualys Vulnerability Management, Detection, and Response (VMDR) offers a comprehensive solution designed to meet the needs of both security and IT teams, aimed at simplifying the processes involved in mitigating these risks and strengthening security measures.

Integral to this platform, the Qualys 5-Step Vulnerability Remediation Guide, complemented by a detailed dashboard, has been meticulously crafted to support current VMDR customers in refining their remediation tactics, with or without the use of Qualys’ own patch management tools. These five steps guarantee that organizations of any patching practice can derive substantial advantages from the insights and tools the VMDR software provides.

Maximizing Your VMDR Experience

For optimal VMDR performance and to reduce cyber risks, concentrate on five essential strategies:

1. Unlock the Power of Automation

Automation speeds up the fixing of non-critical third-party apps, which can often be a weak point in cybersecurity. The 5-Step dashboard shows how fixing these apps affects security and tracks improvement over time. Organizations can quickly close security gaps with automation, giving cyber attackers less chance to exploit.

2. Elevate Your Microsoft Patching Process

Given the prevalence of Microsoft products, enhancing patch management with advanced tools and cloud integration is crucial. This enhancement improves SecOps and IT collaboration and helps address Microsoft vulnerabilities faster.

3. Unmasking the Unpatchable

Address complex vulnerabilities by adjusting configurations or blending patches with configuration changes when patches alone aren’t enough. Tackling these challenges demands a thorough and comprehensive strategy for identification and management.

4. Overcoming the Challenge of Server-Side Application Patching

Server-side applications, critical to business operations, pose unique patching challenges due to the necessity of rigorous testing and specific maintenance windows. Use specialized patching tools that streamline the process, ensuring the protection of business-critical systems without compromising operational integrity.

5. Taking Control of Mac Security

With more Mac devices in use, focus on managing their vulnerabilities. A proactive stance on Mac security is essential. The VMDR dashboard offers a clear view of vulnerable Mac devices and the effectiveness of patching solutions in mitigating these risks.

Simplifying the Remediation Process

The Qualys 5-step remediation dashboard is a powerful ally, designed to strengthen your defenses, elevate your security posture, and streamline your remediation processes. Tailored to your unique environment and data, it complements your existing VMDR dashboards, providing unmatched insight into your risk status. This isn’t just another tool—it’s your pathway to enhanced security. By following the suggested steps, you’ll experience substantial improvements in risk reduction over time.

For those using Qualys Patch Management, the benefits are even greater. Automating patch deployments becomes effortless, with testing and deployment tools ensuring rapid and effective vulnerability remediation. This synergy between the Qualys 5-step guide and the VMDR dashboard simplifies the process and underscores Qualys’ dedication to elevating cybersecurity standards globally.

Download your complimentary VMDR Dashboard to enhance your security strategy with a personalized, data-driven approach.

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